Please refer to the size measurements. Photographs may be slightly enlarged to show details.

We are discontinuing some of the charms below. Quantities may be limited & some may no longer be available.

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Needlework/Stitch  Charms Charland others by various makers.

 "Done By Me" Sampler Charm

1/2" w x 3/4" h

Sold Out

Bobbin (Not available.)

Embroidery Hoop (Not available.)

Floss $8.50

Needle (Not available.)

Stork Scissors (Not available.)

Sewing Bird (Not available.)

Linen (Not available.)

Blanket Stitch $9.95

Bullion Stitch $10.95

Strawberry Emery $9.50

Algerian-Eye Stitch (Not available.)

Chain Stitch $10.95

Cross Stitch (Not available.)

Crown Stitch $10.95

Feather Stitch $9.50

Four-Sided Stitch $9.50

French Knot Stitch $9.95

Herringbone Stitch $10.95

Lazy Daisy Stitch $9.50

Long Arm Cross Stitch $10.95

Queen Stitch $10.95

Rice Stitch $10.95

Rosette Stitch $10.95

Sheaf Stitch $9.95

Smyrna Stitch $10.50

Button $8.95

1/2" Spool of Thread $10.95

1/2" Thimble Charm $15.95

Tatting Shuttle Charm $19.95

2" Chatelaine Pendant Charm $39.95

Knitting Charms

1" Niddy-Noddy  $19.95

1/4" Ball of Yarn (No longer available.)

1" Knitting Needles (No longer available.)

Copyrights strictly enforced: Please do not copy our photos for any reason, by any method! Not to be used on Pinterest, Blogs etc.!


Sewing Machine

3/4" tall x 1/2" wide


(Not available.)

1" Sterling Crochet Hook

(Not available.)

2.5" Metal Pendant available.

Queen Charlotte's Sewing Clamp

3/4" h x 5/8" w

Blue Fabric Cushion


Spinning Wheel Charm

1/2" tall


(Wheel does not move.)

More Stitch Charms may be available!

(Photos not shown) Cable, Cashmere, Dove's Eye, Florentine, Fly, Knitting Stitch, Leaf Stitch, Milanese, Mosaic, Rhodes, Scotch, Star Crossed Filling, Tent, Two Sided Italian, Woven Cross, Square Boss Stitch

Note: We will be discontinuing some of the Needlework Charms as they sell out.

Scissors slide in! Scissor Sheath (Not available.)

Moveable Spool! Spool Knave (Not available.)

Hanging Needle Case (Not available.)



"1/2" x 1/2"Mom" Heart   


3/8" x 3/8""I LOVE YOU"


3/8" Wedding Rings Charm w/Stone


"Happy Birthday" Cake

1/2" wide x 3/8" high to the top of the candles!



1/2" Beaded Edge Heart Charm


3/8" "I love you" Heart charm


1/4" Garnet Heart Charm



3/8" Wreath with Bow Charm


1/4" Gift Box Charm


1/2" Wreath Charm


1/2" Snowflake Charm


1/2" "Partridge-in-a-Pear Tree" Charm



3/8" Tiny Blue Butterfly


1/4" Tiny Acorn Charm


1/2" Bee Skep Charm w/bee

~Sold out~

7/16" Tiny Pineapple Charm

(Sold out.)


A larger Pineapple is now available.



3/8" Silver Ladybug Charm



1/4"Tiny Enamel Ladybug


3/8" Tiny Bee Charm




(New for 2018!)



We also have a trowel & watering can charm! Great gifts for a gardener!


Sterling Silver Topiary Charm

Realistic details! See the sweet little bow tied around the stem?

It measures:  7/8" tall & is heavy for it's size.



More Charms!

1/2" Fleur-de-lis Charm

(Not available)


3/4" Fleur-de-lis Charm


1/2" Cascading Stars



More charms can be found on the Goodes page!

1/2" Tiny Skeleton Key Charm

Not available


7/16" Tiny Tiara Charm


You asked...we listened! Now available: RELIGIOUS CHARMS: Cross & Praying Hands!

Scroll Charm Holder Pendant

  • A great way to show-off your charm collection!

  • Sterling Silver

  • 2 1/2"h x 1 1/4" w

  • Does not open, so charms can not slide off.

  • Suggested for use with a 24" chain (Not included.)

~Sold Out~

Sterling Charm Holder ~Spacer Beads

These will allow you to add a charm to a necklace or bracelet!


Beaded         Twist Style

Your choice $4.95 each

(These work well with our Chain or Ribbon Wear Its! )

Large "Bunny" Scissors Charm

~Bunny Scissors Charm~

Large sterling silver charm/pendant! The scissors open & close,but do not cut. Adorable! So cute worn on a chain.

1 3/4" x 3/4"

$35.95(Limited Quantity)



Halloween Charms

1/2" Jack O'Lantern

Pumpkin Charm



1/4" Tiny "Witch Riding a Broom" Charm

$5.95 each

         Sterling Silver Findings

5mm Sterling Silver "Split Rings"

The best way to attach your charms.

.65 cents each


*CLICK HERE to see another Thimble Charm*


More Charms!!!

Assorted METAL CHARMS can be found on the Goodes/CraftsPage!


Miniature Crochet Hook Pendant


Didn't find the charm that you were looking for?...let us know!


Prices shown are for in stock charms. Special orders or new inventory may require a price increase. We reserve the right to correct any incorrect prices .

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