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John James Needles, Bohin Needles, Milk Paint Floss, DMC Light Effects, DMC Linen Floss, Weeks Dye Works,!

Metallic Threads, Silk Threads, Iron On Threads, Real Metal Threads, Finishing Touches carded thread sets, Embellishments!


Exciting News! 35 New DMC Floss Colors in a special limited edition gold tin!

    <Click to enlarge and/or print.

35 Fabulous New DMC Floss Colors in a Limited Edition Collector's Tin is available at Silent Stitches!






 DMC Light Effects



  • E898 Dark Oak

  • E436    Golden Oak

  • E3685 Rosewood

  • E310   Ebony

  • E415    Pewter

6-strand,100% polyester metallic. Washable & dry cleanable. Tarnish resistant. Made in France.

8.75 yards per skein

Set of 5 Colors for $12.50




 DMC Linen Embroidery Floss

  • 100% Western European Linen Fibers

  • Rustic Matte Finish

  • Six-Strand Divisible

  • Colorfast

  • Size 25

  • 10 Cross Stitch Designs Included!

  • 12 Colors, 1 Skein Each

Colors Include: L310 Black, L822 Beige Gray,L739 Tan,L3790 Beige Gray,L677 Old Gold,L159 Light Blue,L648 Beaver Gray, LECRU Ecru, L437 Golden Tan,L779 Dark Cocoa,L3013 Khaki Green & L778 Antique Mauve.

$16.95 Complete Set of 12 Skeins


DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Floss~ Newest Colors PACK

16 Colors: #3880,#3881,#3882,#3883,#3884,#3885,#3886,#3887,# 3888,#3889,#3890,#3891,#3892,#3893,#3894 & #3895


Weeks Dye WorksΤ

Available in 6 strand, 3 strand, 2 strand, Pearl Cottons, Crewel Wool & Sewing Thread! Highly recommended by Silent Stitches.

*Special Order* 6 minimum Please inquire.

~Click here for Weeks Dye Works Hand Dyed Linen~


the Gentle Art, Inc.

Premium quality hand-dyed, over-dyed  6 strand cotton floss. Highly recommended by Silent Stitches.

In stock & *special order. Click here to view colors: SAMPLER THREADS Τ

In stock & *special order. Click here to view colors: Simply Shaker Threads Τ

Regular price: $2.35  5 yds.  ~or~  $3.60/10 yds.


HOW TO ORDER The Gentle Art Threads

Click on the Sampler Threads or Simply Shaker Threads links above to view color choices.

Compile a list of the names of the colors you would like to order and then click on the link below to email your list:

**Here is my The Gentle Art ORDER LIST**

*If we don't have your color choices in stock, we'll have them for you in just a few days.

If it's in stock, no minimum.

We kindly ask for a minimum quantity of 6 on special orders.



The Gentle Art ~ Simply Wool Τ

  • 10 yards, cut in 2 yd. lengths

  • Colorfast & lightfast

  • Hand-dyed Wool blend

  • Cold water wash. Air Dry

  • We highly recommend these fine quality threads.

Click here to view the Simply Wool colors.

  Regular $3.30

 Use the link above to send us your order list. We'll have them for you in a few days.

VALDANI ~ "Vintage Hues Sampler" Set of 12

6  Ply Cotton Floss    10 yards per skein x 12 = 120 yards total!

Hand Dyed, Colorfast. Made in Romania

(12 Colors in this set: P1/Old Brick; P2/Olive Green; P3/Aged White; P4/Aged White; P5/Tarnished Gold; P6/Rusted Orange

P7/Withered Blue; P8/Old Rose; P9/Bronze; P10/Antique Violet; P11/Aged Black; P12/Brown

 Package of 12/$29.95



*Whimsical Edge Designs are distributed by Kelmscott Designs

The Stitcher Needle Minder 

2" x 1.5"

$7.95 each

*Whimsical Edge Designs are distributed by Kelmscott Designs

Holly Basket Needle Minder

$8.95 each

Needle Minders


Never lose your needle again!

Put your fabric between the Needle Minder & magnet and rest your needle on the top surface to hold your needle.

Place your needle on top of the Needle Minder...and the needle will stay put!

Select from dozens of Smaller or Larger Design choices as shown below!

(Idea: We like to wear these on a scarf!!)

~Small Needle Minders~


$8.95 each

Tudor Rose

$8.95 each

Ivory Sheep with Chocolate Brown Background

1" Square

$8.95 each


 ~LARGE Oval Needle Minders~


Never lose your needle again!

Put your fabric between the Needle Minder & magnet.

Place your needle on top of the Needle Minder...and the needle will stay put! 

(Idea: We like to wear these on a scarf!!)

$8.95 each

Visit the Sales Page for

special pricing on selected Needle-Minder styles!

While supplies last!


Butterfly on Blue $8.95 (Last one!)



Lighthouse $8.95 (Last One!)

Eiffel Tower  $8.95 (Last one!)


Heart in Hand $8.95 (Just 2 left!)

VB's Friendship Claddagh (Last one!)


Acorns $8.95 (Last one!)

Pumpkin & Crows $8.95 (4 left!)


Happy Hare  $8.95 (Only 3 left!)

Saltbox Hill $8.95 (LAST ONE!)


Acorns $8.95 (Last one!)


 Sheep at Night $8.95 (LAST ONE!)


Sunflower $8.95 (Only 3 left!)


       Spirit of Hope $8.95  (LAST ONE!             



Elizabeth I Scissors Needle Minder

  • The needle minder for scissors lovers!

  • Use it as a needle minder....or wear it!

  • Stationary "blades"

  • Measures: 2" x 1.25"

  • Held by a powerful magnet on the back side.

  • Another wonderful design brought to us by Kelmscott Designs!

$10.95 each



BOHIN Pin Cushion Bracelet

  • Large 2 5/8" Black Fabric Cushion

  • Gold-tone Metal

  • Sturdy construction, made to last!

  • Weight: 2 oz.

  • "BOHIN" etched on the band


Antique Reproduction NEEDLE CARDS 

Sewing Basket ~Needle Card

A Keepsake Needle Card...handy to keep in your purse or sewing basket.

Also makes a nice "just because" item to tuck in a card or attach to a gift package!

  • Reproduction of an antique design.

  • Contains 21 assorted hand-sewing needles & threader

  • Shown actual size. Measurements: 4.5" wide x 5.25" high

  • Design is the same on both sides, in reverse image.

    $1.95 each  (Only 1 left!)


Clover Threader

For yarn or thread!

Approximately: 2.5" x 1"

Antiqued brass finish, clover motifs, quality construction.



This is our Favorite Threader! by LoRan

5 reasons why we like it:

  • Easy to use

  • Sturdy! No wires to break!

  • Threads both thick & thin threads

  • Docking station holds your needle for you while you place the thread on the hook!

  • Simple & efficient! Great invention!

*Single LoRan Threader ~$1.25 each

*Special offer! Only .75 cents each with any cross stitch chart or floss order! (Remind us.)

LoRan Needle Threader

The same as above, but on a presentation card!

Carded LoRan Threader


LoRan Needle Necessities Kit

  • Package of  6 Tapestry Needles #24 & 26

  • Magnetic Needle Case

  • Needle Threader





Sewing Needle Threader

The cutest threader ever! Measuring just under 2"  shaped like a tiny Hummingbird!

Attached threader cover and thread cutter.

Sew Sweet!

Comes packaged on a card, ready to fly into your sewing basket or give as a gift.

$3.95 each

NOT suitable for use with Embroidery Floss. For threading sewing needles only.


Special Needle Threader ~ Thimble Shape!

  • Antiqued, Copper-tone metal "thimble shaped" needle threader

  • Embossed floral design

  • Black plastic back plate reduces eye-strain

  • Overall measurements: 1 1/2" h x 5/8" w

  • handy to keep in your sewing basket

  • Comes to you packaged on a bubble card

  • A perfect "....just because I thought of you today!" gift!

$3.95 each

A Matching Pencil Sharpener is available too!

Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner

Prevents Tangling & Fraying, Acid Free, Hypo-Allergenic...to learn more, visit: www.threadheaven.com

$3.95 each



Mary Arden of England

Made in England ~ Finest Quality English Needles


* Tapestry Petites *

Available in sizes: #26 or #28

$2.95 per package of 6 needles



Available in sizes: #26 or #28

$2.95 per package of 6 needles


Combination Pack


$2.95 per package of 6 needles



Long Gold Eye Tapestry Needle designed for Pat Carson.

For smooooooth stitching!

Size 28

$1.00 each



Size #24 John James

Gold Plated

Tapestry Needles


These were

Made in England

$1.00 each



John James Tapestry Petites Size 28

25 cents per needle

 "Buy one or as many as you need-le... at Silent Stitches." tm


John James



Contains 6 needles:

1/Size 18

1/Size 20

2/Size 22

2/Size 24

Convenient & adorable storage pebble with 6 assorted needles!


NEEDLE SIZES GUIDE ~Click here to learn more about needle sizes.~

John James

Finest Quality Needles

Tapestry Petites

"Tapestry "Petites"

  • "Petites" are about 1/4" smaller than the standard size tapestry needle. Allows for faster stitching! We all can appreciate that!

  • Remember ...the larger the # size the smaller the needle.

  • Please select:

  • Please select Size #24, #26 or #28* when ordering.

  • *NOT made in England

6 Needles/$2.95 pkg.

          *Note:  Size #28 contains 5 needles       

John James

Finest Quality Needles

33 Craft Needles

This package contains:

  1. Tapestry, Size 16 *(2)

  2. Embroidery, Sizes 3,7 *(3 each)

  3. Darners, Size 18 *(3)

  4. Betweens, Size 7 *(3)

  5. Chenille, Sizes 20,22 *(2 & 3)

  6. Tapestry, Sizes 18,20,22,24 *(12)

  7. Beading, Size 10 *(2)

*Quantity per style

33 Needles/$5.95 pkg.

John James

Finest Quality Needles

Standard Tapestry Needles

Available in Size #28

5 Needles/$2.95 pkg.



John James

Tapestry Needles

Size #26 ~25 cents each

Size #28~ 25 cents each


John James

Finest Quality Needles

The Ultimate Needle Collection!

100 Assorted Types & Sizes of needles in each package!

(Click here for the list of 100 needles contained in each package)

$8.95 pkg.


*Note: John James Needles are no longer being made in England.. Check your package to see if it says, "Made in England".



BOHIN Needles ~ Quality Needles Made in France since 1860

                    BOHIN Packaged Tapestry Needles

  • Made in France

  • 6 needles per window package

  • polished for smooth stitching

  • Nickel-plated Steel

  • Remember...the larger the # size the smaller the needle.

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Silent Stitches

  • Please select size: #24 #26 #28 when ordering.

$2.49 per package


Individual BOHIN Tapestry Needles

Size #28

*The same needles as shown above. Buy without the package and save $!

~25 cents each~

12 Needles /$2.95

24 Needles /$5.95

BOHIN Milliners/Straw Needles

Made in France

  • Assorted package of 15 ~ Contains sizes 3/9


Sajou Embroidery Needles

  • Made in France

  • Cardboard Booklet measures: 1 1/2" x 2 3/8"

  • Each contains 6 needles. (2 each/Sizes 24, 25 & 26)

$4.95 per booklet   (Only a few booklets left in stock.)



  Tulip Hiroshima Tapestry Needles

Cross Stitch #25/Rounded Tip

Large Gold-plated Needle Eye. Flexible and warp resistant. Made in Japan.

6 Nickel Plated Needles in a cork capped tube. Presented in a gift box as shown above.



  • 3 sizes per package of 5 needles

  • Extra-long

  • Use with yarn or heavy thread

$3.50 per package

4" Bone Needles 

$2.95 each ~or~ 2/$4.95

*Non-endangered species BONE (Shipping within USA only.)



Vintage Style Floss Bobbins

  • Set of 2 cardboard bobbins per package

  • 4 shapes to choose from:

  • Star

  • Pentagon

  • Large Rectangle

  • Curved  Classic

$2.95 pkg. of  2

Limited quantities available. Please select a first & second choice when ordering.


  (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

Thread Winder Bobbin

  • Hanging ring at the top

  • Heavy construction, will not bend

  • Made of nickel-plated brass

  • Handy to have in your project bag

  • Great gift! Comes in a blue velveteen drawstring bag

  • Pretty floral center design

  • Attractive enough to wear as a pendant! Change the thread color to match your outfit!

  • Looks like sterling silver at a fraction of the price!

$6.95 each

Note: Click here to see the matching thimble holder.


Note: Other items found on the Sajou website may be available by special order with *estimated 7 day arrival time for most items.

*Import delays do happen, so please allow ample delivery time. Please mention the date needed by, when ordering.

Click on the photo below to browse the Sajou catalogue.Κ You will leave our website and go directly to Sajou's website.


Sajou Rochefort Thread Organizer

  • 16 holes

  • 6" x 4" Heavy Cardboard stock

  • Vintage Style Floral Designs on front

  • Sajou logo on the center back with floral border. Space for writing notes etc.

  • Imported from Paris,France

$12.95 each


FLOSS Stick 

  • Organize up to 20 colors of floss!

  • Also has a 2" magnet to hold your needle

  • Use pencil to write floss numbers...then erase.

  • 11" x 1.75" wide

  • 20 Holes, Each are 1/2" diameter

$9.95 each



*Whimsical Edge Designs are distributed by Kelmscott Designs

"The Little House Queen" ~ Thread Keep

Floss Holder with 6 holes. Sturdy wood will not bend.




Ewe Thread Winders by Kemscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • 2.25" long x 1.5" high

$9.95 Set of 2

(Only 2 sets left!)

Hare Thread Winders by Kemscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • 2.75" long x .75" high

$9.95 Set of 2

(Last set!)


Angel Thread Winders by Kelmscott Designs 2" x 2" 


Hole at the top, so these may also be used as gift package accents or Christmas ornaments!

Set of 2 $8.95

(Only 2 sets left!)

Baroque ~ Thread winder by Kelmscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • Approximately 2.75" x 1.75"

$9.95 each (Just 2 left!)

 Rondelle ~ Thread Winder by Kelmscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • Approximately 2.25"

$9.95 each (Just 3 left!)


Strawberry Thread Keep by Kelmscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • 3" high x 2.25" wide

  • 6 holes...each hole will hold 1 full skein!

$9.95 each strawberry

(Just 3 left!)

Acorn Thread Keep by Kelmscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • 3" high x 2.25" wide

  • 6 holes...each hole will hold 1 full skein!

$9.95 each acorn

(Last one!)


Heart Thread Keep by Kelmscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • 2.75" x 2.75"

  • 6 holes...each hole will hold 1 full skein!


(Sold out!)


Limited Quantities!


Daisy Thread Rings by Kelmscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • Approximately 1/2"

  • 1 hole

  • 7 Daisy Thread Rings per package

1 package of 7 / $7.95

TROIS BUTTONS by Kelmscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • 3/4"

  • fun shape!

Package of 10 for $3.95

Heart Buckles by Kelmscott Designs

  • Mother-of-Pearl

  • Approximately 1"

  • 2 holes

  • 3 heart buckles per package

1 package of 3/$6.95


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